When Blossom, a beautiful schoolgirl, meets an older, charismatic street hustler named Dude, she gets a delicious taste of the good life. Lavished with expensive jewelry, exotic getaways, and, most important, her first love, Blossom's life is transformed. But her fairy tale is quickly ended when a murder occurs -- meant for the two lovers -- and Dude's emotional pain and controlling temper cause him to change his attitude toward Blossom. Soon deceit casts a dark shadow over their relationship, and Blossom is left feeling abandoned and betrayed -- but still hopelessly in love.

A portrait of life in urban black America, Blossom takes us on the rocky journey of falling in love with a street hustler, where tomorrow is never guaranteed -- even for Blossom, a woman full of such life and promise.




Known to be one of the most well grounded, real, and compassionate Hip Hop artist of her time. QueenPen is bringing to you a book of short stories which has been said to be "A mirror of life" for the average person........

In this huge world full of different people from different walks of life, QueenPen has found a way to make a connection for every type of person in "Situations". It is easily understood that every person has their own situation, when it comes to life. The book Situations touches topics that the average man and woman faces in life. Such as, Love, death, the streets, sexuality, and loyalty. It is truly obvious that QueenPen has used reality as a foundation for this edgy, sassy, yet still warm book.


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Situations- $10.00
S&H $4.20

TOTAL. $14.20

Blossom 2

Soon to be released